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Pain Information

This section about chronic pain is not intended as a comprehensive source of medical information, but as a hub for links to other more detailed sources.

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Acute pain is the body's alarm system. It signals that something is wrong. It signals that you are in danger of injury or that the injured part needs to be protected and rested.

Chronic pain serves no useful purpose and may cause disability and distress to sufferers and their families. Estimates of the number of people with chronic pain vary from 8% to 45% depending on severity and whether medical help is sought. Chronic pain is more common in women and in the elderly. Many types of chronic pain have been identified. However some people with chronic pain do not have a diagnosis from their doctor. The Pain Relief Foundation funds research into the causes and treatment of chronic pain.

If you have a pain problem, which needs treatment you should contact your own doctor who can refer you to a pain clinic in your area. This site is for information only and cannot be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor. The Pain Relief Foundation is not able to offer individual medical advice.


Useful Websites:

There are many sites on the World Wide Web offering information to people about chronic pain and its treatment. The suggested links, to websites providing such information, from this website are considered by the doctors at the Pain Relief Foundation to be useful and informative. If you know of a good web site about chronic pain then we would be pleased to hear your recommendation.

The Pain Relief Foundation is not responsible for the content of these web sites, and does not endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised on these sites.

  • The British Pain Society:
    (British Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain). Contains information for the general public including leaflets on chronic pain, opioid medication for chronic pain conditions and spinal cord stimulation as a treatment for some chronic pain conditions.


Support Organisations in the UK:


  • Pain Concern:
    A registered charity that offers information and support for pain sufferers, including free fact sheets and leaflets.

  • PainSupport:
    A non-profit organisation that offers membership, regular newsletters and an online discussion forum where you can ask questions or talk with other sufferers etc.

    Personal experiences of health and illness from DIPEx charity in the University of Oxford. The website has a section on chronic pain containing videos, audio and written accounts of people's pain experiences along with information about chronic pain and the available treatments. DIPEx also has an active online forum where people can interact and seek opinions etc. about pain experiences.


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